Episode 21

Published on:

22nd Aug 2020

Launchpad Leadership: Home Base


A conversation with launchpad leader Kelly Ellison

Advantages of being a launchpad:

1.      Sets a standard for growth and being growth minded

2.      Guides the hiring process

3.      Helps leaders to get to know others in the early days of their employment.

4.      Affirms other’s interests:

a. Seeing their dream’s goal

b. Being inspired to hope

Opportunities for launchpad leaders:

1.      Recognize the reality that people are going to leave

2.      Accept that investing in people is worth the emotional and operational toll

3.      Assure that those on the launch pad stay long enough for character and leadership growth while bringing value to the business.

4.      Avoid carrying the weight of another’s development

“Young leaders need be hungry to launch but humble to learn.” Kelly Ellison

Bottom line:

1.      Bet on leaders and bet on hope

2.      Being a part of the bigger picture is worth the risk.

Virtual leadership growth opportunity. October 9

Co- hosts Niña Ellison and Brian Pearson

Speakers this year include Alan Mullaly, Former CEO of Boeing Airplanes and Former CEO and President of Ford Motor Co., Steve Harvey, comedian, businessman and award winning show host and entertainer. Kat Cole COO and President of Focus Brands, and John Maxwell #1 Leadership Expert and Best-selling author.

To register: https://leaderpass.com/pass/live2lead-2020?ref=RP2Y8UXL

You can find me, Niña Ellison, at www.healthyleadership.online

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